Good schooling is a good heritage – it is a heritage of knowledge, a heritage of wisdom and a heritage of values and perceptions. Schools may offer modern facilities and ICT based education, but all that is modern is not ultimate. What is ultimate is not simply knowledge but the philosophy of life. Himalaya Schools provide a unique blend of Modern and Ultimate. We not only orient our students to the skills of science and technology but also facilitate them in experiencing the fullness of developing their holistic personality. So apt the school motto is ‘Teach Each Child Develop Whole Child’. Character building is an integral component of Education imparted at Himalaya Schools. Hence our school curriculum is so designed that it lays stress on the development of personal attributes such as communication skills, leadership qualities, decision making capacity, and the punch of public speaking and the spirit of teamwork. At Himalaya, we facilitate inter-personal relationship between the teacher and the taught so that the student is able to display the best of his/her innate abilities and the teacher is able to explore them. Education philosophy in our school is so well-thought of that each student experiencing it and learning from it will be able to stand out prominently in the crowd as a personality which is a blend of the Modern and the Ultimate. I am thankful to our school management that I have been given the opportunity to take forward the philosophy of the school. We will remain connected through circulars, school website and through workshops, from time to time. We will be looking forward to your encouragement to help us forge ahead in all our endeavors.

With Regards